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Plastic Kit








Create your custom PW50 kit! Use the Customizer to see what your bike will look like before you buy the kit.


Kit includes: Full plastics, tank, seat, grips, graphic kit, and option of rims.


Standard Graphics $11

Premium Graphics $29.99


Options of Rims or No Rims

Adding rims will increase kit by +$99

Premium Graphics are indicted with a yellow circle.

Plastic Color:
Tank Cover Color:
Tank Color:
Seat Color:
Rim Color:
Grips Color:
Graphic Kit:

Use the customizer to see what your kit will look like!

With kit ONLY

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Retro Hurricane Blue/White

Retro Hurricane Blue/Black

Retro Hurricane Pink/White

Retro Hurricane Pink/Black

Retro Hurricane Orange/Black

Retro Hurricane Orange/White

Retro Hurricane Red/White

Retro Hurricane Red/Black

Retro Hurricane YZ Yellow/Black

Pink/Purple Hexagon

Orange/Teal Hexagon

Yellow/Teal Hexagon

Pink Flower

Yamaha Yellow

Yamaha Red

Yamaha Green

Yamaha Blue

Yamaha Orange

Yamaha Pink

DC Graphics

Monster Energy Black

Monster Energy Green

Monster Green PREMIUM

Monster Blue PREMIUM

Monster Energy Blue

Rockstar Red

Rockstar Blue

Rockstar Orange

DC Premium

Rockstar Blue II